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The Proposal for Unity

The Proposal for Unity

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There was peace at last between Earth and Daran, despite the mixed feelings on both planets. At least Jon and Talin could visit now as allies, instead of former enemies, not to mention the trade opportunities waiting to grow.

Jon should have known his joy would be short-lived.

A call from his father informed him of a plague overtaking Earth, killing whomever it touches. Warned away by his parents, Jon is determined to do whatever he needs to aid them.

Daran answers Earth’s call for help, but now it is a race against time.

Leaving for Earth, neither Jon nor Talin know if they will survive, or if they will ever be able to return to Daran.

Will they be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure Earth’s survival? Or will a cure be the biggest threat to Jon and Talin’s lives while another enemy lurks in the shadows?
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